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The Story Behind

Growing CannaCulture

Introducing Sarah Lauf, a cannabis enthusiast, activist, scientist, and entrepreneur. She received her B.S. in Biochemistry from North Carolina State University in December 2021 and moved to the sunny Los Angeles Area following graduation. During her undergraduate studies, Sarah focused her research and work experience in the nutraceutical space. This went hand-in-hand with her introduction to the cannabis industry, where she started work in product development with an edibles start-up in Downtown LA using patented nanotechnology.


As someone exploring the legal cannabis market for the first time, Sarah couldn't help but notice a glaring issue - the lack of accessible educational resources about cannabis consumption, especially within dispensaries. The more she explored and embraced the benefits, the more she realized this gap needed to be filled, especially as cannabis legalization continues to gain momentum. Sarah later shifted focus to a different perspective in the industry, working at a dispensary storefront to better understand the consumers she wanted to educate.


Driven by her passion for the plant and a desire to make a difference, she founded a company dedicated to creating accessible education for cannabis consumers. Her passion project, Growing CannaCulture, is on a mission to provide free, eco-friendly educational handouts to dispensary visitors and overall foster informed consumption. Currently, Growing CannaCulture is in the fundraising stage, fueled by the belief that education is the key to unlocking the full potential of the cannabis industry. Sarah's project is starting in Long Beach, CA, but she envisions a future where cannabis education is as accessible as possible in dispensaries all across the United States. With the support of the community, Sarah hopes to make this vision a reality and empower cannabis consumers with knowledge.


Meet the Founder

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